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Funk Firm Little Super Deck

The Funk Firm, as a company, is the resurrection of the principal designer and guiding force behind Pink Triangle, Arthur Khoubesserian a legend in turntable design. This little compact sings!! ......Get funky! RETAIL: $2,295.

$1,995 FLOOR SAMPLE (no cartridge)

Funk Firm's Arthur Khoubesserian started designing turntables in 1979. 33 and 1/3 years later, the new LSD 'table trips onto the analog stage. For just under two grand, the new "Little Super Deck" uses Funk Firm's patented Vector Drive, a three-point drive system that uses one DC motor and two slave pulleys to provide unsurpassed stability. The new F5 arm allows for simple setup with an innovative calibrated sliding weight on the arm beam—the perfect support for any cartridge (please click the "Downloads" tab above for more information). The glass platter comes with a felt mat, but you can upgrade to a Funk Achromat to suit your ears. We spent a few late nights listening into the early morning with the LSD, and all felt the rhythmic drive and tremendous control of this masterfully built, gorgeous design.