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Cardas EM5813 In-Ear Headphones

This was the first set of in-ear headphones that convinced us to take in-ear headphones seriously. This is why: "The sound is incredible, the four-year wait for the EM5813 Ear Speakers was worth it!" Steve Guttenberg CNET Absolute Sound 2013 Earphone of the Year!!


EM5813 Ear Speaker

Designed from the ground up, every aspect of the Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers is built to mirror the human hearing system. Cardas Ear Speakers are efficient, natural, musical, and are the result of years of meticulous design by George Cardas.

New insights into magnetics and metallurgy have yielded a custom driver with unmatched performance.

Components of the EM5813 were manufactured in Oregon, California, and the People's Republic of China. Custom alloys were sourced from Italy, Germany, and the US, magnets from China, and thin film from Japan.