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HiFiMan HE1000 V2
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What Do $3000 Headphones Sound Like? HiFiMAN Will Answer That with HE1000 Planar Magnetic Headphones.... AWESOME!!! RETAIL: $2,999.

$2,499 SALE (limited stock only)

HiFiMAN's highly-anticipated flagship model is here!

The HiFiMAN HE1000 v2 is the first headphone to use nanometer grade diaphragms (less than 0.001mm thick) to create a wide-open, striking soundstage.

In the months leading to their release, we've been hearing high praise heaped upon the HiFiMAN HE1000 headphones. They're grabbing impressive headlines in music publications, industry trades, and high-end audio sites. Reviewers are gushing over the uncannily natural sound, and more than one has called the HE1000s the best headphones they've ever heard.

It's easy to believe the hype when you consider the company's rich audio reputation. Previous HiFiMAN models are a big hit among our high-end headphone customers and the music connoisseurs working here at Crutchfield.
Improved planar drivers with extremely thin diaphragms

HiFiMAN and their founder and designer Dr. Fang Bian get credit in the personal audio world for helping popularize and improve planar magnetic technology. Performing their best when powered by a serious headphone amp, Planar drivers use thin, flexible diaphragms with voice coils etched onto their surface. They move rapidly back and forth within a magnetic field. Faster movement means more accurate sound, so the thinner the diaphragm the better.

Well, the nanometer grade diaphragms in the HE1000 are less than 0.001mm thick — or roughly 1/80th the thickness of a human hair! This extraordinarily lightweight structure can start and stop incredibly precisely, so you get clean, natural transients and tight bass. Combine that quick movement with the large driver surface area and your music sounds lifelike, three-dimensional, and finely detailed.

Product Highlights:

planar magnetic drivers for incredibly natural and detailed sound
open-back design for spacious, three-dimensional soundstage
a separate headphone amp is required to properly power these headphones for optimum sound quality
nanometer grade diaphragm (less than 0.001mm thick) for a wide dynamic range
advanced asymmetrical magnetic circuit for realistic music reproduction
"Blinds Grill" system to protect the planar drivers while preserving sound
velour-covered earpads, beveled for optimal fit and comfort
specially designed oxygen-free copper cable with three included, interchangeable plugs:
3.5mm miniplug
1/4" plug
4-pin balanced XLR connector
storage case
Impedance : 35 Ohms
Frequency Response : 8Hz-65KHz
Sensitivity : 90dB
Weight : 420g
warranty: 3 years