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Mr Speakers ETHER w/ DUM Cable

ETHER™ is MrSpeakers’ ground-up, and ground-breaking, headphone. RETAIL: $1499.

$1199 Floor Sample

We set three goals when we started the ETHER project: sound excellent, be more comfortable than our existing headphones, and have a timeless design.

So how does ETHER sound? This product has been two years in the making, and many long nights have gone into creating a very detailed yet natural and organic sound. No question, ETHER’s our best work to date. We’re not going to go audiophile and poetic here; no blathering about air and soundstage, or whatever. Reviewers, enthusiasts and owners will do a fairer job than we ever could.

ETHER C uses MrSpeakers’ patent-pending V-Planar driver, but with an innovative new tuning for the closed-back design. Among other things, ETHER C’s tuning delivers a somewhat stronger lower end, and offers a wealth of clarity and micro-details. ETHER C also delivers a stunningly large soundstage and precision imaging, a function not only of the use of carbon fiber for the cups, but also the new tuning developed for this headphone.

On the comfort front, ETHER weighs in at 375 grams (13.3 oz) while ETHER C weighs 394 grams (13.9 oz). Both headphones have a weight distribution optimized for both performance and comfort.

One way the MrSpeakers team cut weight without sacrificing performance was to invent an industry-first: a headband made of NiTinol “memory metal.” NiTinol is super-light and ultra-cool because it’s very flexible so it gives a great fit with minimal clamp. We also designed a new flat ear pad that reduces the size of the headphone, provides a great seal, and is made from our signature lamb-leather so ETHER be worn for long sessions.

We think they look pretty nice, too.

So why name the headphone ETHER? 19th century physics had no concept of hard vacuum filling to “fill” the vast reaches of space. ETHER was an imaginary substance that filled the voids between the stars. Since a lot of what makes ETHER fun is the sense of space and the deep quiet between the notes, and ETHER was a bit “magical,” it seemed like a nice name.