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Burson Lycan Headphone Amp / Preamp / Op-Amp

If youíre reading about our Lycan itís because youíre a perfectionist who realizes everything in the signal path makes a difference!


Weíve constructed a powerful, totally transparent in-house op-amp test platform that makes it easy to hear the actual sound of any single or dual op-amp you plug into it. Switching op-amps is a snap with absolutely no soldering! We call it the Lycan. Marking the launch of Supreme Sound Audio, or SSA, weíre making available the Lycan so you too can hear the difference between op-amps and enjoy its remarkable headphone amp and preamp functions!

The Lycan has roughly the same footprint as a smartphone, it comes fully assembled and ready to play. Despite its small size itís built to the same exacting standards as all Supreme Sound and Burson Audio products. Pure class-A, fully discrete, featuring 2.2 watts per channel into 16 ohms, the Lycanís amplifier powers any headphones with ease. The preamp section is nicely detailed and quite suitable for powered amplifiers or active speakers. The 60W power supply has a filter stage with 8800uf of power reserve caps and 94dB ripple rejection. This means every one of its 2.2 watts is totally pristine, allowing you to hear the finest details in your music.

Youíll be happy to know the Lycan is completely assembled and ready to play. Set it up, switch it on, and youíll immediately hear the Burson / SSA sound. If youíre a dyed-in-the-wool DIYer then the Lycan is your new theme park. The differences, subtle and less so, bring you closer to the music, and if youíre like we are at Supreme Sound, thatís what youíre after too.