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HiFiMan Edition X Planar

The beneficiary of trickle-down technology from the idiosyncratic HE1000, the likeably warmsounding Edition X gets you close to the character of its bigger brother and piles on style points. RETAIL $1299


Following the resounding success of our flagship HE1000, HIFIMAN now proudly introduces a new generation of planar magnetic headphone. A reference headphone with all the remarkable detail, imaging, and ergonomic comfort we are known for yet one that can sound wonderful with a portable audio device. Meet Edition X.

In the great tradition of trickle-down technology, Edition X leverages many of the same features as our flagship: ultra-thin diaphragm technology, window shade grill, asymmetrical ear cup design, hybrid ear pads, ergonomic headband and more.

Yet with even lower weight and amazing 103dB sensitivity, Edition X breaks new ground in performance, style and comfort for planar magnetic headphones.

Whether your listening experiences are primarily around the home or you are a music lover on-the-go, Edition X is a versatile performer that can do it all.

Feature/Benefits of Edition X:

Ultra-thin driver technology for lightning fast response, uncanny detail and ultra low distortion
High sensitivity, allows use with virtually any smartphone or portable audio device. Low distortion and amazing sound quality.
Window shade grill design- greatly reduces sonic reflections for clearer sound
Asymmetrical ear cups- follows the natural shade of the human ear
Hybrid Ear pads- beveled design conforms to the shape of the human skull while velour and pleather materials provide optimum comfort.
Lightweight, ergonomic headband- applies pressure more evenly for better fit, improved sound and comfort for longer term listening
High performance Cable that is user-Replaceable. Simple connectors allow easy switching or replacement to other cables should you so choose


Frequency Response: 8 Hz – 50kHz

Sensitivity: 103 dB

Impedance: 25 ± 3 ohm

Weight: 399 grams (14.07 Oz)


1.5m headphone cable (3.5mm plug)
3m headphone cable (6.35mm plug)
One pair of earphones (mounted on headphone)