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Technics SB-R1 Loudspeakers

Speaker System SB-R1 Achieves a superlative level of sound reproduction, building on our linear-phase, point-sound-source concept. RETAIL: $27,000.



Phase Precision Driver (Flat Coaxial 2-Way Speaker Unit)

For faithful reproduction of mid-range and high-frequency sound, Technics has developed an all-new flat coaxial two-way drive. The flat mid-range diaphragm is of a sandwich construction, using lightweight, high-rigidity carbon cloth skins and aluminium honeycomb core.
It maintains a perfect pistonic motion over a frequency band extending beyond the crossover point with the tweeter, while eliminating the frequency distortions caused by the ‘cavity effect’ in conventional cone diaphragms. The magnetic circuit employs a large magnet, copper cap, copper shorting ring and short voice coil with high-density edgewise winding to achieve high drive power and low distortion, while the speaker chassis is die-cast aluminium, with a resonance-dispersing structure to eliminate even the smallest unwanted vibration.

Ultra Wide Range Reproduction

Thanks to a carbon graphite dome tweeter mounted at the center of the flat mid-range drive unit, the SB-R1 is capable of reproducing frequencies all the way up to 100 kHz. And with bass extension down to 20 Hz, it’s ready to deliver the vast frequency spectrum offered by high-quality, high-resolution music sources.
High Rigidity Entasis Form Cabinet

A 50-mm-thick baffle used in the cabinet supports the speaker units rigidly and suppresses undesirable resonances, while side panels comprising eight layers of MDF give the cabinet a curved form, suppressing unwanted vibration and reducing internal and external diffraction and reflection.
An internal partition divides the cabinet into upper and lower sections, and eliminates low-order standing waves in the vertical direction. The choice of absorbent acoustic material and its position were optimized based on the frequency band of each drive-unit as well as the cabinet volume, thus further suppressing standing waves inside the cabinet, and even the rings round each drive unit are made of a material with high internal loss to eliminate unwanted emitting from anywhere other than the speaker sound diaphragm.
The glossy finish on the cabinet is created through a series of processes including repeated coating, sanding, and polishing, the high degree of craftsmanship complementing the speakers’ high-quality sound. The finish even suppresses fine vibrations generated on the cabinet surface, thus contributing to the accuracy of the sound.


Emotive Acoustic Technology
Point-Sound-Source Speaker System
Ultra Wide Range Reproduction
Phase Precision Driver (Coaxial Flat 2-way Speaker Unit)
Low Distortion 16-cm Long Stroke Woofer
High-quality Network Circuit
High Rigidity Round Form Cabinet

Technics Definitive Design
Black high gloss piano finish
Round Form Cabinet
Magnet Fixed Fabric Grille

3.5-way 6-Speaker
Bass Reflex (including coaxial 2-way for mid-range and tweeter)

Speaker Unit
Woofer : 16 cm/6-1/2 inch Cone type x4
Coaxial, 16 cm/6-1/2 inch Flat type x1 / 2.5 cm/1 inch Dome type x 1

Crossover Frequencies
300 Hz, 3 kHz

Frequency Range
20 Hz - 100 kHz (-16 dB), 28 Hz - 90 kHz (-10 dB)

Sound Pressure Level
88 dB / 2.83 V (m)

4 Ω

Input Power (IEC)
150 W (Rated), 300 W (Max)

Dimensions (W x H x D)
408 x 1260 x 522 mm (including net and terminals)
16-1/16 x 49-19/32 x 20-9/16 inch (including net and terminals)

Approx. 72 kg (/pc)
Approx.159 lbs. (/pc)

Spike x 4, Spike Support x 4, Short Cable x 2, Cleaning Cloth x 1, Spacer x 4, Owner's Manual