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Lehmann Audio Decade

The little Lehmann packs a vast array of options and has an astonishingly low noise floor, owing to it's manufacturer's obsession with discrete power filtration and proper internal layout. It's one of the least expensive products in our reference room, and sits across from our $18K top-end phono stage making faces and feeling unduly confident for a reason.



Sensitivity for output level 775 mV/ 0 dB (with activated high gain switch)

Gain 1 kHz

Maximum input level 1 kHz

Signal to noise ratio (RMS unweighted) MM: 3.8 mV/1 kHz; MC: 0.38 mV/1 kHz

MM: 46 dB; MC: 66 dB

MM: 45 mV; MC: 4.5 mV

MM: 78 dB; MC: 69 dB

Gain 36 dB, 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB
Channel separation > 80 dB at 10 kHz
Input impedance 47 kohms, 1 kohm, 100 ohms
1 x custom load
Output impedance 5 ohms
Input capacitance 47 pF to 1,370 pF
Channel mismatch typ. max 0.5 dB
Bass filter 50 Hz, 6 dB/oct.
Power consumption app. 13 VA
Outer dimensions W x D x H Audio section: 110 mm x 280 mm x 50 mm
PWX II power supply: 110 mm x 280 mm x 50 mm
Weight Audio section: 0.87 kg
PWX II power supply: 1.56 kg