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Technics SL-1000R Reference Turntable System

The new reference-level analogue playback system from Technics! Combining the SP-10R platter, motor assembly, and power supply with a high-mass plinth and high-end tone-arm. This formidable table will be the crown jewel of your soundsystem for decades to come! "2019 Stereophile Class A Rated"



The SH-1000R plinth retails for $6,499; requires an armboard custom drilled for the tonearm of your choice for an additional $1,299. Thus, the total price for the SL-1000R system WITHOUT the Technics tonearm is $17,797.

The SL-1000R encompasses the epitome of Technic's engineering prowess and design philosophy, distilling the very best this powerhouse of analogue playback has to offer.

Built upon the backs of giants, this system embodies over half a century of world-class Japanese engineering, with the precision and attention to detail modern manufacturing can allow.

The SL-1000R is a complete turntable package centered around their brand new reference-level SP-10R platter and motor assembly, with an off-board power supply and coreless direct-drive design. With the SL-1000R package, Technic's own high-mass platter and reference level tone arm are added to offer the very best in fidelity - a blacker than black noise floor and unimaginable detail and resolution.