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Technics SP-10R Turntable

The Technics SP-10R is a new reference-quality analogue system. A coreless direct-drive motor is paired with a high-mass platter weighting 7.9kg, powerful enough to rotate with no speed irregularity. Off-board speed control and power supply help to isolate sensitive electronic equipment. Can be paired with a variety of reference plinths and tone arms, or can be made into a complete Technic's package with the SL-1000R system! "2019 Stereophile Class A Rated"


The SP-10R is at the bleeding edge of turntable innovation, from legendary Japanese manufacturer Technics.

Pairing a gorgeous high-mass platter with a tightly controlled and noiseless motor system, the SP-10R will ensure your favorite music is presented as never before - full of rich and captivating detail, with not a note out of time and a noise floor blacker than velvet in a cave.

Sold as a platter and motor system, the SP-10R can utilize a wide variety of tone arms and plinths, or, upgrade to the complete SL-1000R package to bask in the very best Technics has to offer!

The engineering and design are second to none, the attention to detail and machining mastery elevate the overall sound quality to true reference level, all with a look and feel surely to enamor hearts the world over!