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Complete HiFi by MoFi!

Take home a wonderful analogue stereo system carefully curated by us! This award-winning combo will breathe new life into you, from your ears to your heart, with incredible savings when bought all together! RETAIL: $3,245.

$2,949 SALE (limited quantity!)

This delightful system includes an integrated amplifier, a pair of speakers, and a turntable from Mobile Fidelity!

MoFi StudioDeck+ - this new table from vinyl behemoths Mobile Fidelity is a smartly designed and superbly crafted piece of machinery. MoFi has made a name for themselves by producing some of the finest quality vinyl records today's market has to offer, and from the sound of this table, it' clear they know a thing or two about high quality analogue playback!

Arcam A19 - this integrated amplifier from British Arcam has a built-in phonostage to get you up and running with your new table. Full of all the pluck, pace, rhythm, and timing this legendary company is known for, the A19 is a great match for the table and speakers!

Audiovector QR 1 - we have been absolutely over the moon about these monitors from Danish Audiovector. The Danes do a few things very very well, one of which being cabinetry and furniture making. Thus, these are gorgeously built monitors, utilizing a ribbon-tweeter to deliver astounding detail and resolution.

All in all this complete system will start you on the right path, with room for upgrading and optimizing!

Call or visit for more details!