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Dan Clark Audio VOCE Electrostat Headphones

These electrostatic headphones from MrSpeakers are simply incredible, and elevate the company to one that is truly making some of the best headphones known today. The resolution alone is stuff of legends, and when you factor in the rich low end, dynamic presence, and brilliant soundstaging - these cans are the uppermost echelon of what we mean by hi-fi sound. Also, not for naught, they are exceptionally comfortable and will disappear on your head during extended listening. Beethoven's 9th? How about play 'em all!


VOCE is MrSpeakers' electrostatic headphone. VOCE is designed to deliver electrostatic clarity, a powerful bass experience, and an expansive soundstage. It's compatible with all Stax Pro (580V) bias amplifiers. Key features include: 1) 88mm driver for extended and rich bass that reaches below 10Hz 2) Advanced metal stators for enhanced resolution 3) Flexible, microphonic-free round silver plated copper cable with a solid machined Teflon connector with an aluminum housing 4) Convenient and attractive walnut storage box with built-in headphone stand 5) All metal construction, less than 330gr 6) Tuning filters for a customized listening experience 7) Field-serviceable driver module 8) Fully dust-sealed drivers Important notes on electrostatic headphones: -Electrostatic headphones must be used with an appropriate electrostatic amplifier or energizer (energizers connect to the outputs of a loudspeaker amplifier) to operate. -Many electrostatic headphones make a "zip" sound when the headphone is put on or removed. This is the sound of the charged driver touching the stator, and due to the electric fields, sticking briefly to it before releasing. Due to VOCE's very large driver size the driver may be more prone to this than some other electrostatic headphones. As the stator is insulated this will not cause damage to the driver, and should be considered normal operation.

VOCE is designed and built in San Diego, CA and comes with the following innovative features:

Super-large 88mm diaphragm for extended low frequency output
2.4 micron driver, optimized for stability and resolution
Fully dust-shielded driver
Ultra-thin metal stators for superior sound
MrSpeakers’ signature NiTinol memory metal headband for exceptional comfort, light weight and durability
Detachable* custom fabricated silver-plated copper cable that is non-microphonic, round and super-supple, yet low capacitance
Proprietary machined Teflon amplifier plug with machined aluminum housing, gold plated solid copper pins and a machined aluminum headphone connector**
580V “Pro-bias” compatible for use with any Stax-pro compatible amplifiers
Italian Napa leather ear pads
Vat-dyed US made leather headband

In the spirit of avoiding waste and making packaging functional, our attractive shipping box is actually a hardwood headphone stand and case which serves as a stylish and functional way to store a VOCE (or any) headphone.

Box features include:

Real walnut hardwood
Hinged clear acrylic front doors with magnetic fasteners
A built-in integrated headphone stand
A convenient front-slot for the cable so the headphones may be left plugged-in while stored