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HiFi Man Shangri-La Jr Electrostat Headphones and Amplifier

HiFi Man have shown time and time again that they know the road to headphone paradise, and with the Shangri-La Jr, they have scaled down the epic reference original award-winning Shangri-La to a more modest package, but with enough power and performance to sit comfortably at spitting distance from it's big brother. Electrostat listing is a sound unlike any other, full of more resolution and detail than you perhaps ever thought possible from a sub-$10,000 system. Can also power other electrostat headphones, with enough headroom to allow for simultaneous listening, so you can bring your best mate on the voyage to sonic nirvana! Can be purchased as separate components, but save $1k buying them together! STEREOPHILE HEADPHONE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR RETAIL: $8,000.


*Headphone retail: $4,000
*Amplifier retail: $5,000

Headphone :
Frequency Response : 7Hz-120kHz
Bias Voltage : 550V-650V
Weight : 374g (13.2oz)
Product : Amplifier
Weight : 11kg(24lb)
Dimensions : 400 x 265 x 108 mm3 (15.7" x 10.4" x 4.2")