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HiFi Man Ananda

HiFi Man has made another astounding planar magnetic pair of headphones with their new Ananda! A massive driver size means not only are you getting all the incredible detail and resolution planar headphones are known for due to their lightweight and nano-thin diaphragm, but you'll find a sense of weight and impact not usually found in open-backed hi-fi cans. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable, and have an efficiency which means they can get along nicely with a wide variety of amplifiers or even simply played from a phone or laptop! Come see the next gen of a company that wins again and again. RETAIL: $1,000.


"It isn't often we award five stars to a product. The last pair of headphones to earn this distinction were the Grado GS1000 in 2007. [...] Their planar magnetic drivers and open design provide a superb sense of space and detail throughout the frequency range. In my testing, it felt like I was hearing some tracks I've listened to for years for the very first time. Simply put, the headphones sound astonishingly good, and join an elite five-star club—and obviously earn our Editors' choice award, as well."

- pcmag.com


8Hz to 55kHz, with an impedance of 25 ohms.