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HiFiMan HE1000se

An epic reference-level new pair of planar magnetic headphones from HiFiMan! A head-fi powerhouse who've been around for years, HiFiMan always elevate their new models with innovations and refinements, further pushing their award-winning sound. Nothing quite performs like a HiFiMan, and thus, there aren't many models the world over that would stack up against the HE1000se! Boasting a massive driver surface area, these planar magnetic cans tout an expansive soundstage, full of microphonics and endless decay. Warm, lush, and hefty on the low-end, the HE1000se is fun to listen to while also being one of the most detailed and resolute headphones the world over. Retail $3499 SALE (stock only) $2999

$2999 SALE! (stock only)


Impedance : 35Ω
Sensitivity : 96dB
Frequency Response : 8Hz-65kHz
Weight : 15.5oz (440g)