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HiFiMan Arya

HiFiMan make extraordinary open-backed planar magnetic headphones, and the Aryas are the latest and greatest in their award-winning design and performance! Poised midway in their line, they yield exceptional value and will get you more than a whiff of reference-level sound at an incredible price point!


Measuring thickness in nanometers, the Arya's driver diaphragms offer the best of both worlds - light mass with exceptional speed and responsiveness. Their large size delivers weighty and extended bass, which their deft nature allows for sublime detail and separation.

HiFiman headphones are truly a delight to wear, their large earcups and light weight make them essentially disappear when worn, and will be comfortable for hours and hours of extended listening.


Impedance - 35 ohms
Sensitivity - 90 dB
Frequency response - 8Hz to 65kHz
Weight - 404g