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Thorens TD 206 with Cartridge

Thorens have built fantastic tables for decades, and this very very gently used one came to us from a customer going for an upgrade after shortly buying it. An incredible deal for a true hi-fi performer. If you fancy the red - this table is a dead-on winner! RETAIL: $1,200.

$699 USED (in red finish)

A musical family. The TD206 turntables are the younger siblings of the revolutionary, multiple–award–winning TD 309. However, they don't have to live in the shadow of their older brother. Both models are built using only high–quality materials and parts. And both share a number of technical features with the TD 309, ensuring that their replay quality is up there with the best.

Non–identical twins. The TD 206 with its rectangular plinth and acrylic cover follows classic turntable designs where the TD 209 is the spitting image of the TD 309.

TP 90 tonearm. The new TP 90 tonearm is based on the tried–and–tested TP 92 and uses the same ultra–low–friction, high–performance bearing and the innovative zero–stiction anti–bias system. The arm tube is made from rolled aluminium that is damped using RMR technology (reduced–modal–resonance), and the stainless–steel counterweight at the end of the arm tube is double–decoupled. Tonearm height, azimuth and overhang are useradjustable.

Plinth and feet. Both the TD206 plinths are precision–cut from a single piece of MDF, a material that offers excellent acoustic properties and can be machined to very tight tolerances. The feet can be conveniently adjusted from above to ensure level and secure positioning.

Record platter and drive unit. The TD 206 use a two–part aluminium/acrylic platter. The high–performance drive – which is borrowed from the TD 309 – allows you to adjust the belt tension and fine–tune the platter speed. A servo–controlled DC motor drives the sub–platter and platter via a flat belt.

A classic look with modern features, this glossy black TD206 turntable by Thorens is eager to play your favorite vinyl. Featuring the new TP 90 tonearm, the Thorens TD206 Turntable is built with only high–quality materials and parts for the best possible replay quality. The TP90 tonearm uses an ultra–low friction, high–performance bearing and an innovative zero–stiction anti–bias system, while the base boasts a low noise, low voltage electronically speed controlled DC motor with adjustable belt tension for superior performance. Low Noise & Voltage electronically speed controlled DC Motor Adjustable belt tension for best performance Two–part aluminium/acrylic platter Tonearm adjustable for VTA, azimuth and overhang.