PSB Imagine B Bookshelf
"The Imagine B had both clarity and listenability in spades. It also had remarkable bass extension and volume..." STEREOPHILE Retail $1100 Cherry OR Black
PSB Imagine C Center
Matching compact center for an Imagine Home Theater..
PSB Imagine Mini
Meet the newest and smallest member of the ultra-stylish Imagine Series of speakers. The deceptively small Imagine mini speaker makes a big impact on an already impressive range of award-winning Imagine speakers. With its high-performance and compact size, the mini is as versatile as it is cute.
PSB Imagine S Surround
Matching Surround speakers for your Imagine Home Theater...
PSB Imagine T2 Tower
Beautiful build, wonderful sound from a compact floorstanding beauty.... Highly Recommended!!
PSB M4U 4 In-Ear Headphones
We have one more pair of a wonderful set of in-ear headphones from PSB, new in box, at a wonderful reduction. Take your favorite music with you everywhere you go, and with hi-fi earbuds, no more will you have to sacrifice sound quality for convenience! RETAIL: $250.
$150 SALE!
PSB M4U 8 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Our very best solution for wireless noise-cancelling headphones!
PSB M4U-2 Active Room Canceling Heaphones
You’re listening to music more than ever before, but now you can do it in comfort and style with PSB’s true-to-nature sound quality. Our new headphones bring you so close to the music. It’s like the music is meant just for you. RETAIL $399
$249 SALE