Charisma Audio 103 Moving Coil Cartridge
This modified Denon 103 with ruby cantilever, line contact stylus, birdseye maple wood body and retuned suspension system is a dynamo!
Charisma Audio MC-1a Moving Coil Cartridge
This is a great starting point for someone who wants a great moving coil cartridge on a budget!
Charisma Audio MC-2 Moving Coil Cartridge
....and a nice and noticeable upgrade from the MC1!
Charisma Audio Reference One Moving Coil Cartridge
Fantastic Moving Coil..Very Musical!
Charisma Audio Reference Two Moving Coil Cartridge
An extremely musical and resolute reference moving-coil cartridge!
Charisma Audio Signature One Moving Coil Cartridge
We love Charisma Audio because they toe that delicate line between musicality and finesse. If you looking for an ultra high performance cartridge that has tons of detail, while also being silky smooth and alluring on the ear - you have come to the right place!