Audiovector QR 1
This delightful bookshelf monitor has amazing imaging, detail, and resolution, at an entry-level price point that will astound those looking for a captivating set of speakers at incredible value. The QR 1's also have the second-to-none build quality we have come to expect from Denmark.
Audiovector QR 3
These totemic floorstanders from Audiovector pack tremendous performance and detail into an amazingly-priced product. This Danish company has made quite a splash in the hi-fi world by producing speakers with incredible resolution, due to their ribbon tweeter design.
Audiovector QR 5
The QR 5 is now the biggest speaker in the QR series and by far the best performer. The perfectly detailed and sweet treble promises endless hours of musical joy without fatiguing your ears. The powerful and dynamic bass will allow any recording to sound lifelike and at its very best.
Audiovector QR C Center Channel Loudspeaker
This center-channel for the QR series from Audiovector will make sure your new Danish surround system voices perfectly together and not a note falls out of sync!
Audiovector QR Sub
The Danes know their way around cabinetry, we shall give them that! This absolutely lovely 10-inch subwoofer will fill in that low-end with elegance and aplomb.
Audiovector R 1 Arrete
The R 1 Series delivers a speedy response with great details and dynamics. The design makes handling of percussions and bass notes easy in a clean and natural way. These 2-way, rear-ported stand mounters, use a non-parallel tear drop design to minimize internal standing waves. Using many concepts derived from their bigger siblings, SR 6 & R 3. The R 1 Series delivers a precise soundstage with nerve and punch belying their actual size. These small wonders will leave the listener wanting for more.
Audiovector R 3 Arrete
The R 3 Series is a compact speaker line based on a mixture of evolution and new inventions. All that we believe a pair of floor standing speakers should ever deliver, the R 3 does to perfection. As for wife acceptance factor, the R 3 series ranks high.
Audiovector R 6 Arrete
Danish powerhouse Audiovector continue to innovate with their latest R6 loudspeaker!
Audiovector R 8 Arrete
Audiovector is a superb Danish brand who make elegant speakers that truly test the limits of modern loudspeaker performance. Utilizing their patented air-motion tweeter, Audiovectors tout exquisite detail and soundstaging, while always staying silky smooth and lush. Their dynamic and forward presence engage the listener in an exiting soundstage, while their tonal balance and accuracy will enamor any and all who seek clarity and nimble articulation in a high-end speaker. Completely hand-built in Denmark, the R 8 Arrete embodies the highest caliber quality this revered manufacturer can offer. Since we've brought Audiovector into the shop (and into America), we've quickly fallen in love, and so have our customers. Come experience their apex of performance with the R 8!
Audiovector SR 1 Avantgarde Arrete
Wow! This Beautiful Compact Bookshelf is the Upgraded version of the SR 1 Signature which we already LOVE! and remember that with Audiovector you can always upgrade your loudspeakers simply by bringing them to us and for the price difference plus shipping they rebuild them for you with the Upgraded parts!!! RETAIL: $5,500; $6,200 for gloss finishes.
$3,999 OPEN BOX (in gloss black finish)
Audiovector SR 6 Avantgarde Arrete
This wonderful and high performing loudspeaker from Danish Audiovector is the top of their SR line, melding wonderful design and craftsmanship with ultimate sound quality. The SR 6 has incredible resolution and imaging, with a very controlled and dynamic low-end. RETAIL: $25,000.
$17,999 FLOOR SAMPLE (in Gloss Rosewood); we also have a pair for $15,999 USED (in Gloss White)