Grandinote Celio Phono Preamp
Another wonderful product from Grandinote - the small Italian manufacturer with a true hifi purist's heart! Each of their products is built by hand and made to sound the very best it ever could - and you can certainly tell with one listen!
Grandinote Mach 4
The wonderful Italian company you've possibly never heard of - Grandinote! We've fallen head over heels for this fun brand and their commitment to high quality sound and craftship. Their refinement and value truly shines. HIGH EFFICIENCY! 95DB Great with Low Watt Amps!
Grandinote Shinai
Pure Class A power with big current! Certainly a dyed-in-the-wool audiophile's dream, amazingly natural and lifelike sound through simple design and signal processing.
Grandinote Volta Streamer with DAC
A truly reference level streamer with an astounding built-in DAC. If you're starting from scratch and are looking for a one box solution to your digital front end - this is a great option to consider!