Recommended Systems

Marantz / KEF Complete CD or Computer Stereo System
Here’s another choice for a great affordable hi-fi stereo system! KEF speakers are world renowned for their great sound and value. You can play music all night with the Marantz CD player OR Cambridge DAC Magic 100 (for computer audio) and matching integrated amp. ON DISPLAY AND IN STOCK!!
Naim Uniti Lite / Opera Mezza
Marlen's pick! A great "high-end" system that's damn affordable! Naim's new Uniti Lite Amp/CD/Network Player and Opera's wonderful little Mezza speaker!
Naim/Dynaudio/Rega Turntable Stereo System
Here is a fantastic little analog only system featuring a classic Rega turntable and cartridge combination with Naim's Nait 5i Integrated amp and excellent Stageline phono stage. Also Dynaudio's wonderful Excite X16 bookshelf loudspeakers.. Oh, don't worry: you can add a CD player if you want to! RETAIL $4932 SYSTEM PRICE $4699